Mezcal Jalapeño Beef Jerky

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Lowry’s Mezcal Jalapeño is a unique Beef Jerky recipe focusing on the delicious flavor of the Jalapeño Chili. To balance out the heat we’ve added a touch of smoky mesquite wood and Mezcal. What we ended up with is a delicious, lightly smoky jerky, with a hint of Mezcal and the wonderful garden-fresh taste of Jalapeno Chilis. We’ve tweaked the heat to ensure it’s not too spicy, allowing Jerky-lovers to demolish a whole bag and live to tell the tale. Amount: 50g

100% Gras-Fed Beef Fresh Ingredients, No Preservatives Handmade in Berlin, Germany

Ingredients: Beef (Top Round Steak), Soy Sauce (water, soy, vinegar), Tomatoe Puree, Apple Vinegar, Garlic, Green Onions, Herbs & Spices, Mesquite Liquid Smoke (natural smoke extract, vinegar, molasses, caramel color), Lemon Juice, Fresh Jalapeño Pepper, Fresh Cayenne Pepper, Brown Sugar, Worcestershire sauce, Mezcal

*Allergens: Soy
**Contains Alchohol
***Amount of Gluten from Soy-Sauce is below the limit for gluten sensitivity


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