Jerky Workshop

This is the Jerky Workshop where we experiment with new Jerky production methods, curing processes, cuts, meats, and marinades. We invite our most enthusiastic and loyal customers to participate in this process and help us refine our recipes and test new Jerky flavors!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Jerky Connoisseur? 
Jerky Workshop
*Availability may vary, first come first serve.


Q: How much Jerky Will I get?

A: Jerky Workshop Small Batches come in 20g packages, Limited Edition and Seasonal Flavors come in 50g packages.

Q: How much total Jerky will be available in a Jerky Workshop Small Batch?

A: The amount of inventory available will vary. Inventory will be listed on the site, and when it's gone, it's gone. 

Q: I went to the Jerky Workshop, but there are no Jerkys for sale, what gives?

A: We do not guarantee there will always be Jerky available for sale in the Jerky Workshop. They are limited supply. You can sign up for notifications on when new Jerkys are added to the Jerky Workshop here. 

Q: Will I like the Jerky?

A: Maybe, maybe not. We hope you will like it, but as this is the "experimental zone" we can not promise you will LOVE every flavor. We do promise every sample batch has already been refined and tested on our own palettes until we feel it's ready for you to try. So you should not receive "bad" jerky.

Q: How do I share my feedback?

A: In your shipment we will provide you with a link to a survey where you can enter the batch number and submit your opinion about flavor, saltiness, chewiness and of course your own comments.

Q: What will happen to Jerky in the Jerky Workshop?

A: Some will get retired to the Jerky Graveyard and never see the light of day again. Others might become new official Lowry's Dried Meat flavors, available for purchase by all.