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Best in Class

Our Beef Jerky is handcrafted with love in Berlin. We use fresh, real ingredients instead of powders.  The result is a product naturally low in Carbohydrates, Fat, Calories and high in Protein, Iron, and most of all: Flavor! 
We pride ourselves on producing the best tasting product on the market. You’ll notice our Jerky comes as actual pieces of real meat. Each bite is it’s own mini-steak that releases a carefully crafted flavor experience as you chew.

The Flavor

Our recipes are continually tweaked and refined to deliver an exciting flavor experience. This means layering on flavors using our own techniques and processes that are kept as a closely guarded secret. We are experimenting with new and unique flavors all the time. Sometimes you can find them for sale at The Jerky Workshop.

100% Grass Fed

We believe in supporting as humane and environmentally responsible livestock raising practices as possible. We are constantly reviewing our meat and ingredient sources to improve on this philosophy.

High Protein

We use high-grade beef top round to make our jerky. This means as little fat as possible, and plenty of protein for building muscle and powering your mind and body.

Gluten Free

The amount of gluten in our product is below the safe limit for those with celiac disease. So you can enjoy our jerky without any worry of gluten side effects.

Preservative & Lactose Free

We worked hard to make our product completely free of any chemical additives, preservatives or e-numbers.