We are live!

February 10, 2017

We are proud to finally go live with our new brand: Lowry's Dried Meat (Formerly Big Texas Beef Jerky). In addition we have 2 new flavors, improvements to our Classic Flavor recipe, New Packaging, and now - full-featured snazzy new website.

Our most requested feature has been a subscription system. Customers wanted their Jerky delivered regularly, so they didn't have to hassle with remembering to return to the website and submit new orders. We have answered this request and now have basic subscription options.

Over the next week we may be working through some kinks and bugs, so please be patient and bear with us. If you have any problems feel free to contact us directly.

Finally, here are some features you may see over the next few months:

1. German Language Version of the Website
2. Custom subscriptions (choose your own flavors)
3. Notifications - get notifications on your phone or desktop of sales, order shipments etc.
4. Cooking with Jerky - Recipes
5. Nutrition facts!

We thank all our current customers and fans for their support and look forward to introducing many more folks to what REAL Beef Jerky tastes like!

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